Overcoming Hard Obstacles

How many of your guys overcome hard obstacles daily? Recently I learned Overcoming Hard Obstacles can build Character and Change for the better outcome on my life. With some help of my support team they taught me that Obstacles is road bumps towards my future and help me see i can learn from this and grow as a human being. Have you notice something on my blog lately? I have been reviewing books to help me grow my platform for helping with my book that I am writing. My friend that I work with closely told me “You need to start blogging about our books to help grow your audience”. I agreed with her and I started blogging the books we have lying around the office. The reason I am telling you this is because the Obstacle for me to tell her that my blog is for people who wants to know my experiences with living with Down Syndrome and not for reviewing books. This was a hard Obstacle that I went on for a little bit to make her happy and maybe some times i will Occasionally do a book review on my blog but not all of the time. Some Obstacles are going to break your pride and that will get to you deeply. Obstacles are there for a reason to block you from getting where you want to go in life. I am learning this at a bad time for me but i know this will build up more character in me and I will learn from this and grow. It’s hard to move forward with Obstacles but keep going . I know you will come out of this with a new outcome on life. This can be a good then just let it come and keep pushing through.

4 responses to “Overcoming Hard Obstacles”

  1. It’s hard to relate to what a hard obstacle is. For me it could be running a mile and for others it could be running 26 miles but we explain it the same way. Can you imagine how smart you’d have to be to have that ratio in mind for every life pathway (academics, athletics, military, business, employment, relationships, etc). Congrats on the business you built mr trammel how come your kid can’t function in society. Pay me


  2. I’m thinking about joining the navy. Will you write a letter of recommendation for me


  3. Thank you for sharing your obstacle. I am so glad you spoke up for yourself and realized that what you were doing, by reviewing the books was not your thing. I did miss your spontaneous blogs that are very helpful and enjoyable to read. I am gad you are writing a book and want to know all about it. I still want to know how and or where I can see your movie.


  4. My car just got impounded and I come to this lifestyle blog for inspiration and there’s no new blogs. you’re not blogging regularly


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