What does this blog means to me?

What does this blog means to me? this blog is my writing outlet letting me do what i love the most. Writing is what i do best at and this is my way of communication to the world. A long time ago when I was in high school I fell in love with writing. I was writing my first essay on “who was the most influential person you have met and why I choose this person” I choice my godfather. He was the most influential person to me because he overcame one of the most terrifying accidents. He fell from a tree clipping icicles. Due to the accident he is now a Quadriplegic and does everything in a wheelchair. He cant move from neck down. He overcame a big life changing obstacle and that is why he is the most influential person. I look up to him and I love him so much. And that’s why I fell in love with writing and by the way i got an A+ on that essay.

From that point on I wanted to keep writing and keep telling stories that means a lot to me and to share them to whoever wants to read them.

I asked my parents what i wanted for Christmas couple of years ago, I asked for a computer for me to write on. On Christmas day years back i had received a computer underneath the tree. I was so excited and started to unwrap the gift and started to set up the computer. The first thing i did on that computer, was i started writing a book called “The Inside of Down Syndrome”. and that grew to writing in a blog that I still do to this day. It has been 6 years maintaining my blog and I finished writing in the first part of the book.

This blog is my way to communicate to the world I am here telling my stories to make a difference in the lives that matters. Writing is my everything and no one will take this away from me because this is my outlet to communicate to people. I will always keep writing in my blog. I love you guys and thanks for reading this blog and making this a reality for me. Thank you for making this blog a huge success.

2 responses to “What does this blog means to me?”

  1. Annemarie, I love it !!


  2. I like writing too. This blog has really allowed me a way to compound my position around your words like watching a friend build a large business and creating quit cash flows besides it and because of it. I got to thinking we could do the same thing with people (not just businesses). Then I immediately thought of my family and friends but in an independent context not related. Quietly along for the ride watching in silence.


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