New Year, New Me, How to make resolutions and how to stick with them

2021 has come to a close and 2022 has appeared among us. New Year’s resolution is ready to be conquered throughout this year. My new year’s resolutions are to stay positive, lose some weight, find happiness. Resolation’s is hard to stick with and most people tend to give up before seeing any process. Most people don’t have the motivation to keep with it and don’t think will ever be at their end goal. The key is to take one small step each day to grow. Also change your mindset to stay positive and persistence.

How do I stick with my resolations? good questions I am following my advice to you guys by staying positive and persistence everyday. It doesn’t matter what I do just “Lay a bread crumb” by goggling ways to horn my craft in writing or read books to grow my vocabulary. I also google how to be happy and change my mindset to stay positive each day.

To create a new me for this new year is to follow my goals i set for myself and get motivation from people who i inspired me to grow and stick with my goals. My motivation is my family and sometimes youtube professionals who teach me how to grow in my profession. it’s strange to get inspiration from youtube professionals but it counts to push me further in my career.

2 responses to “New Year, New Me, How to make resolutions and how to stick with them”

  1. I stay positive every day too but in a frustrated way like completing navy BUDS 100 times and my frustration levels still match Coleman’s when he loses at PS5 or XBOX then relating to our legal system or to director Wray at his own life’s experiences of athletic superiority and academic/ relationship understanding.

    But I stay ready for anything


  2. What if I told you everything you think of (laying a bread crumb) is filtered before it reaches you and along the way before it gets to you it passes through your friends, coworkers, family who all each believe they are guiding your words? That would be like winning the lottery and all of a sudden people are coming out of no where to lay claim to a piece of the pie which is a truth that ultimately compromises the existing relationships further adding to your burden of respecting your peers despite the heavy burden they won’t be able to taste. That’s religion.


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