Summer Update 2022

This summer I have experienced Daymark a living facility for people with IDD. I have been doing a trial run to see what is it like to live here at daymark. This is my transitioning summer where I can improve on myself and experiencing being around people with disabilities to build friendships with. As you know i had been separated with being around people of my own disability. I had little friends that has a disability and which i was isolating myself from them because of not being accepting with people with a disability because I have not accept myself as i am living with down syndrome. Yes, I am learning everyday to accept myself with all of my flaws and my disability. I hate to admit since being in “Normie” I learned to accept the way I am. Where am i today with this i am taking it day by day staying in the presence growing my acceptance with being around people with all types of disabilites. Also, I hate to admit I think daymark living is allowing me to accept people with all flaws and disabilites. This has been one eye catching experience that i am internally grateful for. My summer has been one interesting one and i can change my outlook on my life and the acceptance with people with all kinds of disabilites. So far i am learning a lot and i am gaining a lot of knowledge. That is all i had about the first two months of my summer. I will keep this blog updated on what i am feeling about daymark it self and my growing my acceptance with living with down syndrome.

I love my devoted blog followers and i am so blessed and grateful for my followers keeping up to date with my blog . I couldn’t have done this without my followers coming and reading my blog. Thank you so much.

Thanks for reading

17 responses to “Summer Update 2022”

  1. You’re welcome. I have so many girls fighting over my attention so your acknowledgment is pretty cool.

    I think living with a bunch of people that aren’t as smart as you might get old. It’s a painful life when you’re the best. The navy says it pays to be a winner but I think they’re speaking with reverse psychology which then confuses all these guys into thinking the rest of their rationale must be solid.

    Now I’m nineteen. That’s good.


  2. What an amazing story…an amazing experience…. So thankful for you !


  3. Thanks for Sharing your story. That is so brave and I am excited to hear more. Again thanks for sharing. Be blessed


  4. Robyn Van Zandt Avatar
    Robyn Van Zandt

    Thank you for writing your blog. Your message to us about self-acceptance and the acceptance of others with all of our flaws and weaknesses is inspiring. Your life and experience is important and you will make a difference! You are living a genuine and meaningful life and it is beautiful. Keep on living and writing! Love, Robyn


  5. Annemarie, Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and being willing to explore what opportunities are out in the world for you. We have LOVED having you at Daymark and it has been so fun to watch you grow in independence and most importantly make some friends. I am proud of you!


  6. Hi Annemarie,
    I had a good feeling about Daymark from the first time I heard about it. I believe you can really make a contribution to this residence, and in turn find out a lot about yourself. I hope you will stay with it – a whole new chapter in your life. Please keep me posted. Love, your aunt Sue


  7. So Proud of you Annemarie. Thanks for the update. Eddie


  8. Annemarie -I loved hearing how you are thinking and the changes you are experiencing this summer. I hope it continues to be encouraging to you to be at Daymark. So proud of you! We miss you. We are in Colorado right now. Love you! Julie


  9. Julianna Vaughan Avatar
    Julianna Vaughan

    I like that you’re so open to new experiences. The place is gorgeous! Hopefully, you can contribute and help others be open as well.


  10. Hi Annemarie, this post shows your sense of independence and strength. Really excited for you and your next adventure in a new place with a new level of acceptance. Your cousin, Lenelle


  11. I am so grateful for your blog Annemarie! It’s a wonderful gift to me when you share your challenges and experiences! It is a way you help open peoples’ hearts to the power of compassion and the way of love. Namaste. 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼


  12. Tommy Van Zandt Avatar
    Tommy Van Zandt

    Annemarie- you never cease to surprise me with your blogs and the detail of your thoughts. I am very proud of you for the time spent at Daymark! Your dad has kept me posted about the many classes you have been taking. Love you AM!


  13. Paula Drilling Avatar
    Paula Drilling

    It was so good to read an update from you. Hope your summer continues to go well and that we all learn to accept ourselves and others with grace and love. I’m proud of you!


  14. Mike & Billie Lax Avatar
    Mike & Billie Lax


    Thank you for sharing such a transparent look inside your heart. I think we all have things in our life about ourselves that we struggle with, yet many do not have the courage and insight to articulate them as beautifully as you have done with your words. You are an encouragement to Billie and me, and I think your insight and perspective will not only help yourself but many others who pause and reflect on the wisdom of your words. I am proud of you and love you very much.



  15. Hi Annemarie, I’m Lily. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences. They are so encouraging, and I’m blessed to have found them 🙂


  16. Anne Marie–I so enjoyed reading your blog regarding Daymark!! CHange is hard but in so so many cases good for us!! I hope this continues to be a blessing for you! Mark Paul


  17. melissaeallenattnet Avatar

    Annemarie, WOW, just WOW! we am blown away by your insight and self reflection, please know you are not alone, we all struggle with our flaws, and need to take a page from your book and work on our acceptance of others. I’m glad Daymark has been a good experience for you, prayers for continued growth on your journey. We love you! Melissa & Mark


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