Personal Growth

Recently, I realized that I want to grow as a human being and push myself to do things I have never done before. I realize that I am broken and I have many mistakes and I don’t like people getting in the way of my Personal Growth. I pledged myself that I ignore the people that have been in the way of my own goals that I don’t reciprocate back to them. I will just walk away and ignore them. I will not have drama and people get in the way of my personal growth. I have been taking classes about growing in my relationships and setting boundaries. I am learning a lot of good knowledge. Before I have not given my personal growth seriously. Now I am grabbing the ropes and taking it to the next level. I have been keeping the negative people away from me and surrounding myself with good, pure, trustworthy friends. I met on my first night at daymark a nice and genuine guy. He is a roommate of my childhood friend. He introduced me to him and I realize not all people are mean. He made me feel welcomed and he is a cool guy with the same intellect that I have. The reason I bring up him is that he has encouraged me to work on my personal growth and if I needed help I can go to him with anything. Before I hadn’t had a friend like him before. He made me open my eyes wide open with a new perspective on life. I am seriously taking my personal growth to the next goal. I am taking this day-to-day and step by step to growing my personal growth.
P.S I am not giving any names here.

3 responses to “Personal Growth”

  1. Hey, that’s great that you found such a wonderful friend! I hope you continue in your personal growth 🙂


  2. Annemarie I agree with almost all of what you say here. Just remember , in setting boundaries and “ignoring“ those people who are getting in your way or who annoy you… Don’t forget to forgive them. That is even a higher goal than just ignoring them. Jesus taught this over and over. And don’t forget we also are annoying to certain other people. Also, I would advise you to not use phrases like “my intellect” because people can easily think you are being arrogant. Anyway, I hope you can receive a little constructive criticism because you know I love what you write!❤️

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  3. What’s the guys name at day mark


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