Why Fall is one of my favorite seasons

Do you smell the faint scent of pine trees and punkins? Do you see the leaves changing colors? Do you feel the fresh breeze all around you? Finally, the summer has come to a close. No more sweating, No more complaining about how hot we are. Now, we can enjoy the breeze and get cozy in our sweaters and blankets while drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can imagine I am on a couch drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte while reading my book. Personally, this is my favorite time to read books and lounge around in my comfy clothes. I love the smell of lattes, books, and fires. This is my first time experiencing fall living in daymark living. I can’t wait to see the leaves changing colors ad feel the breeze on my face. I hope this fall brings me peace and serenity. It will be interesting to see what daymark does for the fall and the holiday seasons. It’s time to get out your Pumpkins and all of your Fall decorations. Welcome to Fall.

5 responses to “Why Fall is one of my favorite seasons”

  1. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Enjoy!


  2. Hi Annemarie, Fall is also my favorite time of year. I find it dramatic – the changing sky, temperature drops, frisky dogs. I’ve decorated my living room bookcase with fall/Halloween objects. Particularly like gourds!


  3. melissaeallenattnet Avatar

    Happy Fall Annemarie! Fall at the lake is so awesome, cool temperatures, sitting by the fire and looking out at the water drinking your favorite beverage is so relaxing. We hope you will get your dad to bring you to Hot Springs to see us! Love & miss you, Melissa & Mark


  4. Fall is my favorite


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