Animal Cruelty

I was at a local police station to listening into a background interview. I heard something distrubbing. I heard Animanl Cruelity has gone sky rocketing high. I don’t understand why this is happenning to our animals. Do you ever consider thinking why people who wants to be so crule to inocient animals. It makes me so angry and anpyed that this still happening. I love all kinds of animals and it hurts me to see this happening all across this country. I can’t fathom people sunk to this level and no one is not wanting to speak up about this. Its time to start talking about this and to stop this cruelty. Lets be on the side to keep our animals away from this abuse. I have dogs and i see alot of conversations about this on social media and even by word of mouth. I crince when i am around these conversations. I am for animal shelters with honesty and trustworthy to save our animals. Please help me take away animal cruelty. Who is willing to speak up and help me stop this. Lets be on the right side of making a difference in our animals lives.

2 responses to “Animal Cruelty”

  1. It’s a lonely wuld gul. Maybe animal cruelty exists to chemically isolate anyone who would disagree and to what depth and over what period of time.


  2. Gul it’s way too early to retire. It’s time to think of a business or fashion school or something.


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