About me 

Hi Guys My name is Annemarie Carrigan. Welcome to annerockstheworld. blog. Here are some things I like to do in my spare time and why you should read my blog.

I like to read a lot of books epically the ‘classics”

I love to drink coffee “I am a coffee snob”

My Favorite Tv shows are “The Gilmore Girls” and ” Friends”

I am an animal lover and I have a dog named Bob.

My perfect day will consist of going to a coffee shop drinking coffee and eating a  scone while reading a novel.

Why should you read my Blog you ask yourself. Well, I am Annemarie and I have down syndrome. I will tell you about my experiences living my life with down syndrome. I will tell you I. even make some mistakes now and then. Overall I want to share my experiences and my story of living with down syndrome.

Thanks for reading this!

Annemarie Carrigan

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