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I started this blog because I want an outlet to write. I created this blog for one reason only and that is to see what it is like growing up with a disability by showing the world that there are people living with some sort of disability. We are just like you in many ways but we live with a different perspective on life.  This is one reason why I created this blog. I want to make a difference by advocating on the behalf of people living with a disability. So welcome to annerocktheworld. blog  Come and check out what it is like living with a disability. 


I have been writing on this blog for about 7 years now and I am growing my readers by giving a voice to Young Mothers about having a baby with Down Syndrome.  My goal for this blog is to give advice for young mothers to be able to have a way to get information on Down Syndrome and to answer the toughest questions they may have. This is from the perspective of a Down Syndrome Young Woman named Annemarie Carrigan. I hope you guys enjoy reading this blog. Thank you so much for reading this blog. I am blessed that I am writing for you young mothers.  

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  2. You are amazing!!!


  3. Are you on vacation


  4. Can you add your pic back to your blog


  5. Happy st patty’s day! Did you go to the parade on lower Greenville? You should be living on Henderson by houndstooth


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