“Living With Down Syndrome” Series

I am creating a blog series about living with Down Syndrome. I will tell my experiences and the challenges I overcome. Just imagine you getting a back seat pass about what it is like to live with down syndrome. I will tailor each blog post to a different experience and a different challenge that comes with the experience.

My first blog post in this series is about friendship and how I can overcome the tone of my voice


Living with down syndrome series

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“Living With Down Syndrome”: How to make friends in this society

Living with down syndrome it’s hard for me to make friends in this society. There is the pressure to make a good impression and also make small talk. Making small talk does not come naturally to me. I have to think before I talk which is extremely hard for me. I also need to read the body language and how I come across in my tone of voice. I sometimes come across as mean and pushy and I didn’t realize I was coming across that way. This is one of the biggest challenges for me and with the help of my life coach yes I do have a life coach that helps me see how I can overcome my challenges and make them a part of my life. She made me realize that making friends is hard for me because of this challenge on how I come across in my tone of voice. If I tell myself in my head first before I say anything I won’t hurt others’ feelings and mine. Living with Down Syndrome and making friends can be a big challenge to overcome. If I put in the time to make a close friendship with somebody I can be a part of something big and keep making new friendships over time.

This society is making things much harder to make new friends and especially during a coronavirus pandemic. Being isolated and not having the opportunity to grow in your friendship and relationships overall. This is making things worst and not letting us be around other people is making it really hard on and for us. For me living with down syndrome experiencing going through this pandemic and not making any friends is making me depressed and lonely most days. I am taking this day by day and step by step to start living my life and making new and meaningful friendships.

Living With Down Syndrome: What is it like in School and where did I Go? And What Struggles do you have while in School?

I Went to the Rise School when I was 18 months Until the age of 5. Then I went to Bradford Elementary from age 5 until the age of 10. And I went to Highland Park Middle School from age 5 to age 14. I also went to Highland Park High School from age 15 to 19. Then after I graduated from Highland Park High School I went to the University of Central Missouri to attend a two-year program called the Thrive Program.

What Struggles did I have in School? I was being bullied for the way I speak and look. I was also being looked down from my fellow peers and some of my teachers. I remember the time I was in Choir Class and my teacher wanted me to sing to myself and not to sing out loud with the rest of the choir. This was one challenge I overcome and I went on moving forward from that day on. This was a learning process for me and I learned that some teachers could be this way. This was during the time I was in Highland Park High School.

Living With Down Syndrome: What accomplishments have I received?

Living with down syndrome has its perks. I got the chance of starring in a film called “Normie” that highlights what is normal and the beauty behind not being normal. I went all over the “United States” filming Normie. I got to say my favorite place I visited was between “New York and Portland Oregon “. I was also featured in the “Dr. Phil” show and the daytime “Doctors” show where I got the chance of meeting my favorite actor “Scott Paterson from the Gilmore girls” If no one knows him by his real name he is the diner guy. It was amazing and exciting to see him in real life. I got acknowledged in the ” Delivering Jobs campaign in Time magazine. I also volunteer with “Best Buddies and To Be Like Me” nonprofit organization. I was the one that put in a chapter of Best Buddies in my High School. I also work full time at a Literary Agency and I keep volunteering which keeps me busy which I like. I got acknowledged at the Best Buddies North Texas Gala last year for raising more money and got crowned as “Champion of the Year” which is a 10-week fundraising event to bring in money for Best Buddies. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri in the “Thrive Program” focusing on Journalism. The number one accomplishment I am proud of is being in Normie because I got to finally feel free of my emotions and my acceptance of living with Down Syndrome. These accomplishments as made me who I am today successful woman who know that I am loved and valued as a human being. I can’t be so grateful enough for what I have done in the process of accepting who I am today. I got to say I love being a woman with Down Syndrome. This disability is a gift from God and no doubt that I am so happy for Jesus Christ has given me this disability to thrive and grow as a human being.

Living With Down Syndrome: How has my passion changed over time? And why did I change my career paths?

I remember a time in my life when I wanted to become a fashion designer and the CEO of Sista Tia fashion Corral a Fashion Magazine for all ages for women and men and different euthenics all around the world. I remember I used to sketch for hours on end and always watched America’s next top model show with “Tyra Banks”. I used to obsess over “Tyra Banks” and always copied her mantra at the end of her show. “Who Will Be Americas Next Top Model”. I spend all my childhood obsessing with Fashion and dreamed of being a fashion designer and always want to create my own Fashion Magazine business and be one of America’s next top models consistent.

When I was 15, I got my first computer for Christmas and that’s when I created my first blog in 2015 and started working on my manuscript. That’s when I changed my career path to becoming a writer. I stuck with it for quite a while now and created another blog that I keep writing in.  I got a chance to write for my school paper and got a job in books where I still try to attempt to write every day. I wrote over 100 short stories and articles and some poems. I got published in my school newspaper and some websites.

Strangely, I changed careers over the years which is still close to my heart. I love fashion and love to write too. I wish I can do both.  I don’t know why I did what I did changing my career. I sometimes regret giving up on fashion design. I was good at sketching clothes and loved making trends. I think I regret making the change careers. If I didn’t change careers, I think I could by now started to turn my sketches into real clothes that I could wear one day. But I still get to blog and maybe put my clothes on my blog where people might look at my clothes. It’s the Best of both worlds where I can make my own clothes and write.

I don’t know why I didn’t come to this conclusion sooner in my life. I was too busy with life getting in the way and that is why I did what I did in changing my career.

Living With Down Syndrome series Making a difference: Daymark Living

Hey, the past couple of weeks, I have been doing a 30-day trial; run at Daymark. To see if I like living here. The past two weeks it has been one heck of a ride. There have been some ups and some downs. It has been challenging for me because I miss my family and friends and work. I am basically a workaholic and I love what I do. I even sometimes get bored, but I still love the job because I am there and If they need me I am still there to help. If you don’t know what Daymark is I will tell you. Daymark Living is. a community filled with people with IDD, that need help with daily living and also. live independently. I first heard of this place via an old friend from my childhood. He and his father created Daymark living. John Poston father of Michael his special needs son. That happens to be my oldest friend in need of finding his place in the world and finding friends My Opinion of this place is this is one unique place. The place is like a resort and the people here are so nice. They also have classes that teach us living skills and how to grow to. be independent and how to be a part of this society. John Poston has made daymark a Huge success and I know he did this just for his. son to live on his own. I am so proud of him for making a community filled with people of different abilities. So far I am not sure I see myself living here forever but I am not giving up that easily. I will try to change my outlook on daymark but I know it can go slowly.m I just need to take patient with this process. Thanks, John for everything you have done to make a difference in our lives.

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Summer Update 2022

This summer I have experienced Daymark a living facility for people with IDD. I have been doing a trial run to see what is it like to live here at daymark. This is my transitioning summer where I can improve on myself and experience being around people with disabilities to build friendships with. As you know I had been separated from being around people of my own disability. I had little friends that have a disability and I was isolating myself from them because of not being accepting of people with a disability because I have not accepted myself as I am living with down syndrome. Yes, I am learning every day to accept myself with all of my flaws and my disability. I hate to admit since being in “Normie” I learned to accept the way I am. Where am I today with this I am taking it day by day staying in the presence and growing my acceptance with being around people with all types of disabilities. Also, I hate to admit I think daymark living is allowing me to accept people with all flaws and disabilities. This has been one eye-catching experience that I am internally grateful for. My summer has been one interesting one and I can change my outlook on my life and the acceptance of people with all kinds of disabilities. So far I am learning a lot and I am gaining a lot of knowledge. That is all I had about the first two months of my summer. I will keep this blog updated on what I am feeling about daymark itself and my growing acceptance of living with down syndrome.

I love my devoted blog followers and I am so blessed and grateful for my followers keeping up to date with my blog. I couldn’t have done this without my followers coming and reading my blog. Thank you so much.

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Living With Down Syndrome: update on Daymark

It’s been two whole months staying at daymark living. I have met some new friends and I am getting used to the new normal and my new routine. I finally have a roommate. I really like her she reminds me of myself. we both like the same things including reading books and love to write. in the past two months, I have seen some changes in the classes not so good with the food but it’s working on it. I have my set friends I hang out with and yes I am including my roommate as one. This might sound strange but I have been waking up by 7am which is unusual for me. I used to sleep into 9am most days but when I am at daymark I have been waking up by 7am most days. I kinda like that a lot because I can read more in the morning and I can reflect on life too. My mood is getting happier with this new normal and without a doubt, daymark has changed me for the better. Honestly, I’m glad I am here at daymark and I consider the daymark staff as my extended family. I have been working on my weight journey to get healthier. I can not believe I have been working out more here at daymark. Overall my perspective has changed for the better. cannot be blessed enough to learn and grow here at daymark living.

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