Christmas Spirit

What does Christmas spirit mean to me? Christmas spirit means I am filled with hope and joy during Christmas time.   I get to be around family and friends who mean everything to me and support me throughout my life. Christmas Spirit is everything to me and I get to think of the remembrance of Jesus Christ.

     Christmas is my favorite season because I get to be with my family and enjoy my Christmas break with the people I love. I love the feeling of a warm fire with cozy blankets, watching a Christmas movie, and remembering my Holy Father. I love being in my comfortable clothes.

When I get the chance to be in the snow, I remember I used to play snowball fights with my brother. I can still recall his funny laugh that makes me smile big. I loved when I got to get out of school to play with my brother. He is my everything I wish we had the same bond as we did before, but ever since he began working full time and has a girlfriend, he doesn’t have enough time for me. Christmas is the only time I can be with him.

I Remember when I saw snow for the first time. I was 3 years old, having a snowball fight with my brother and I nailed him in the head with a snowball. He laughed with me and kept playing in the snow for the rest of the day. I saw wonder in the snow, and I felt at peace and filled with hope and joy throughout the winter season. Every year when I was growing up in the wintertime, we got out of school early because of the snow. The rest of the school day we got to play in the snow. When the evening came, we went back to the house, we drank our Hot Chocolate by the fire burning in our big living room. I always remember playing board games or Wii games. We played Wii bowling and tennis. I used to love playing it.

Winter overall is my favorite holiday because I get to be with my family celebrating my birthday and Christmas.

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