Are you the same person on social media that you are in real life?

My social media accounts are tailored to help grow my blog which is the real me by telling my story about living with down syndrome. Each social media platform has a link to my blog and I tailored my posts to stay on trend with a blog entry I just wrote in my blog. I stay true to who I am with my blog and social media accounts.

I don’t understand people making fake profiles to pretend who they want to become. I think this is shallow and do not want to face the truth. To me, this is just pure wrong and misleading people to think that they have everything they want and need. When I see a fake profile it makes me cringe and don’t believe in them.

Why do you think this happens? I think it is because they don’t want to face the reality. I don’t think they care about who they hurt online and the misconception of who you really are. To me, this is catfishing someone who wants to be trustworthy and have a connection with somebody.

2 responses to “Are you the same person on social media that you are in real life?”

  1. What if the people who have different social media profiles and in person dynamics are not intentionally doing so. For example in my particular situation/federal case with the fbi, I have absolutely no choice but to protect myself and communicate with the back end of our infrastructure. Even religion speaks in analogies and or “parables (religious metaphors) because the idea is the info/messages would not have been allowed to climb as far in today’s wuld. The level of premeditation in what I have tasted is beyond the intelligence of a jury made up of all Supreme Court justices. The hole in thrown in like Bruce Wayne climbing out of the cave in Batman after building his strength up is literally an impossibility and not only buys time for my coincidental immigrant family members but teaches half of my family how to govern from WITHIN which is a greedy pathway they’ve kept to themselves impossible to redeem because of all the damages I’ve absorbed so that their risk in explanation could be slightly minimized. I wish I could show you how my friends and family have treated me in the last 10 years. Maybe some of your social media people you’re focusing on are trying to find someone to marry to get a better job at a firm where the managing partner would be more likely to hire a smoking hot woman’s husband just so he could get within 10 feet of her at the Christmas party. Who knows. I stay busy with business and studying our nations infrastructure so I can help everyone see my position at burden of explanation.


  2. Julianna Vaughan Avatar
    Julianna Vaughan

    Interesting discussion Annemarie
    I try to be the same person as I project on social media. I think that’s important.
    My house is not as tidy as my accounts would make it appear, however!


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